Wedding montage in Real Video Enjoy the reception!

At this point we have two flavors for you to choose from. If you take the one on the left you get a montage of the wedding ceremony. You'll see the Tynes going to "get" Natasha and being told by poppa Twal to "drink the cofee," signaling his agreement. Then the trip to the church and the ceremony itself. It is nearly four minutes long and in Real Video. It is a bit big (15mb) and likely won't stream well for those on dial-up modems. If you have a modem, be patient; it'll get there eventually.

On the right is a montage of the reception that followed. It includes fireworks, cutting cake with a sword, dancing and the signing of the family book, which makes the marriage legal in Jordan. This video is in windows media format, about four minutes long and only 5mb. It shouldn't require anything special and should stream pretty well. Dial-up modem users might have to wait a minute or so for the stream to begin. Just for the record, we did not pick the audio track in either video.

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