Well, they made it. Tynes got onboard planes and headed around the world for a celebration. We were so pleased they could come. Truth is we couldn't have pulled it off without the two senior Tynes help. To show our appreciation we did our best to make sure they saw some of Jordan's tour offerings. And no, Pop Tynes is not blind he just likes big sunglasses.

Much to see here!
Airport arrivals, the Citadel, the world's largest flagpole, the Coliseum, Mt. Nebo, Madaba's Haret Jdoudna -- The days were packed. Click for a slideshow. Enjoy!
Come wander in Jerash
The bride-to-be had to have one day off in all the chaos. On that day, the groom took his brother, girlfriend Diane and his folks to see the ancient city of Jerash. Take a peek!
Boy! David and Diane got around. They arrived a few days after Ma & Pa Tynes but wasted no time. Check out pics of Jerash, Petra, Aqaba, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea.