Join us for dinner!

Before you take a look at the wedding photos, have a peek at this dinner the Twals held before the ceremony so the extended familes (and friends) could all meet and get to know one another.
Here are a bunch of fabulous wedding pictures taken by Mark Connally. Soon we will have some by family members and a pro photographer, the latter of which requires time to scan.
Grab a glass and join us!
This is a few more from Mark from the celebration at Haret Jdoudna. If you prefer, this unique photo album also provides a slideshow. Just press sit back and watch the fireworks.
Don't have it? Get it here!Yes there is video!
And yes, we have some video of the affair. And it might just stream! One is a wedding montage in Real Video. If you need the player click on the left. The other is a reception montage.
Background & photo tour
Here you can learn more about the historic site of our wedding, Mt. Nebo, thought to be the burial place of Moses. These pages offer a brief history, some current information and a photo tour.